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Summer 2018 FREE CLUB

Be a "Butterfly Nanny"!

Have you ever wanted to nurture tiny baby Monarch caterpillars as they grow and change into big chubby caterpillars - then release a Monarch into the wild?

​Then this is the summer club for you!

As our Monarch Mammas to lay eggs for us throughout the summer we can make them, or our tiny caterpillars available to you - for free.  We will schedule your pick up time in Western Springs as they are available.

What we need from you...

- A promise to set up a healthy habitat for your Monarch caterpillars to grow.  see "setting up a caterpillar habitat". You may already have a pop-up container you can reuse, you may want to make a container, or you may want to purchase one from us.

- A promise that you will release your beautiful butterfly(ies) into your yard within a day after they eclose from their chrysalis. This is likely to occur approx. 3 weeks after you receive your caterpillars.

-A promise that you have enough milkweed available to feed your caterpillars. They eat a lot. You can use common milkweed that you cut and put in a vase (see "setting up a caterpillar habitat", or you can purchase a milkweed plant from us.

What you will get in return...

-An unforgettable experience witnessing the life cycle of one of the most fascinating transformations in nature.

- An opportunity to care for, tend and protect a precious life.

- The joy of releasing your beautiful, gentle butterfly into the wild.

much, much, more
educational materials
online raising support
a Butterfly Nanny Club certificate 

watch for next springs sign up or email for information