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Our Metamorphosis kits are available only for pick-up (or specially arranged delivery) We are in the Chicago western suburbs.
We do not ship butterfly kits.

We use only LIVE host plants to reinforce the essential relationship between butterflies and a healthy environment.

Monarch Metamorphosis kit includes:
Live host plant (milkweed)
larger 12x12x24" rearing container
(2) caterpillars
laminated lifecycle sheet
nectar kit
educational materials                          $46

Painted Lady Metamorphosis kit includes:
Live host plant (plantain ribgrass)
12x12x12" rearing container                       
(2) caterpillars
laminated lifecycle sheet
nectar kit
educational materials                           

Compare and Contrast - Monarchs and Painted Ladies
Live host plant for each caterpillar species (plantain ribgrass plus milkweed)
larger 13.5x13.5x24" rearing container    
(2) caterpillars of each species
lifecycle sheet or each species
nectar kit
inquiry based teacher guide, caterpillar measuring mats, student worksheets, and journaling suggestions.          


Refill plants, caterpillars, nectar kits may be available upon request if you have previously ordered from us.

Rearing containers:
small 12x12x12"                                   $15.00

medium  13.5x13.5x24"                        $17.50

Check for availability on potted plants
1 Gal. container Potted tropical milkweed  $15
Swamp milkweed as available                $15

Check for availability on other caterpillar species including
Eastern Black Swallowtail, Mourning Cloaks, American Ladies, Painted Ladies.

Retrofitted mason jars with screened lid
and glass pebbles                                        $8.00 

Magnifying glass                                          $6

Monarch Butterfly
Painted Lady Butterfly
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