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Butterfly Birthday Book
Butterfly Metamorphosis Kit - pick up only
Salt Creek Butterfly Farm Products
Pickups always available by special arrangement.  Call (708) 601-1080

Also find us at the Western Springs French Market.  Sundays 9-1  June thru August

Many other products available at French Market including chrysalis cups!

Shipping available only on Birthday Book.
Encourages children to observe the fascinating world around them while modeling patience and building excitement!    

Metamorphosis kits provide a safe and exciting way to follow the butterfly lifecycle from caterpillar to adult. Call for availability on different species (708) 601-1080

Kit includes 12"x12"x24"  pop-up rearing container, 2 caterpillars with potted host plant, educational materials and rearing instructions.  Pop-up container can be bleached and reused for multiple raising experiences.

Butterfly species choices typically include Monarch, Black Swallowtail and American Lady.  

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
children's book $18 plus $6 shipping
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Small Pop-up 
Raising Container

Accommodates a small potted plant 
for caterpillar raising. Parasite proof, bleach for reuse. 
size 12"x12"x12"

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Medium Pop-up 
Raising Container

Accommodates a medium sized potted plant for caterpillar raising.  
Parasite prood, bleach for resue.  

medium pop-up raising container 

 $22 shipping not available
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$18 + $8 U.S. Shiping
$48  shipping not available
$15 shipping not available
Host Plant Refills

 If you previously purchased a Metamorphosis kit from us, you can purchase a new host plant at a discounted price of $15.  

Monarch - Milkweed Plant
Black Swallowtail - Parsley Plant
American Lady - Icicles Plant
$15  shipping not available
FREE Caterpillars

Watch our Facebook Page 
(Salt Creek Butterfly Farm) 
free caterpillars.  Species vary by availability.  You must confirm you have
adequate appropriate host plant available to feed your new caterpillars. We will also post what plants the caterpillars will need to feed on.