Salt Creek Butterfly Farm
planting butterfly habitats, presenting interactive butterfly programs

​Plymouth Place Senior Living 

Our most comprehensive program yet has been the creation of a butterfly habitat for Plymouth Place Senior Living in LaGrange Park. The butterfly habitat, unlike a butterfly garden, is designed to support the complete life cycle of the 20+ species we've planted for.  

There are several ways residents interact with the habitat, outdoors and indoors.
We've installed wheelchair accessible planting stations, and raised garden beds for both nectar and host plants.

We move chrysalides into the Senior Living Facility for residents to observe the next stage occur - the chrysalis opens, and out comes an adult butterfly.  Residents then release the butterflies back into the wild.

Residents can sign out metamorphosis kits to hand raise Monarch or Black Swallowtail caterpillars in their apartments.

Live Learning Program

In an adaptation of our school program, our Live Learning Program travels to 
community sponsored events.  Participants experience the same highly interactive

Monarch Mommas - gravid females actively lay eggs on milkweed plants
Hungry Caterpillars  - caterpillars of each instar devour milkweed in front of your eyes
                participants hold and observe caterpillar behavior
Chrysalis Palace- the jade green and gold chrysalises in early stages to the clear                chrysalis shells that reveal orange and black patterned wings  just                      
                before adult monarch butterflies eclose.​
Juice Bar-  learn which nectar sources butterflies prefer.  Prepare your own nectar
                source to take into the handfeeding tent.  Hint - pick watermelon!
Hand Feeding Tent-  Once in a lifetime opportunity to hold and feed a magnificent
                Monarch butterfly.  This experience offers an unforgettable bonding
                experience for children (and their adults) creating lifelong stewards of 
                our shared habitats.​

This program has been conducted at The Morton Arboretum Children's Garden, for the Kettle Morraine Land Trust, at the Chautauqua Institution, at 2016 Potawatomi Pow Wow and for Buddy's Place, family bereavement program.

​Community Programs
New for Summer 2017

East Garfield Park:  

Living willow prayer sanctuary and butterfly habitat for W. Gladys Ave.  Habitat will be planted to raise native Illinois butterflies, particularly Monarchs, black swallowtails, American Ladies, Red Spotted Purples, Tiger Swallowtails, Giant Swallowtails and more.