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Library Programs

NEW!!!   Butterfly Birthday    

Story Hour and craft

Includes one signed copy of Butterfly Birthday for the library, written and illustrated by Lori Stralow Harris

The craft for children's groups age 6 and younger is a vibrant butterfly painting on canvas

For groups over 6 yrs old, the Butterfly Birthday story continues as children take home their very own live Monarch chrysalis in the container they create during the workshop.

Monarch Mammas and Metamorphosis kits-

Your butterfly metamorphosis experience begins with a  2-day visit from our Monarch Mammas.  This amazing component, added last summer, has become incredibly popular with all ages. Library patrons witness our active Monarch females laying their tiny eggs on live milkweed plants.  

After two days of active egg laying in viewing containers at your library, we retrieve our Mammas, and your eggs remain behind until the following week when little hungry Monarch caterpillars emerge.  We leave you with your desired number of caterpillars and enough host plant (food) to complete their larva (caterpillar) stage. 

The observation containers need no maintenance if using our potted tropical milkweed.  Note- our tropical milkweed is grown indoors, hydroponically.  if you prefer to use your own cut, native milkweed we can supply retrofitted mason jars to keep milkweed fresh and caterpillars safe or can help you prepare your own.  The entire metamorphosis process lasts approximately 4-5 weeks.

-for all audiences

Butterfly Release-

Your new adult monarchs can be released each day at a predetermined time to keep patrons coming back for more.  We will provide you with all the information you need to appropriately and safely release them.  Perhaps you already have a butterfly garden they will visit.  We have information for your patrons about planting their own butterfly garden.

- for all audiences

Hands-on Butterfly Feeding Tent-

Here is a rare opportunity to hand feed Monarch butterflies in this walk-in, guided display. Choose your nectar source; fresh native wildflowers, juicy ripe watermelon, or high energy Gatorade.  Then enter our flight house tent (10' x 10') with dozens of adult Monarchs. All life cycle stages will be explored including eggs, caterpillars, chrysalides ad adult butterflies.  Measure various caterpillars on our learning mats to determine instar size.  Find out whether you are holding a male or female butterfly. Mobile exhibit is typically available for 3 hours.

- for all audiences