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Salt Creek Butterfly Farm
Join the Butterfly Nanny Club!

We're gearing up for the 2019 butterfly season and a fun-filled summer of raising monarchs or black swallowtails together!  Why not join us?

 I provide free eggs or little caterpillars to local butterfly nannies (YOU!).  
You provide a healthy raising environment to take your caterpillars through their life cycle stages until you have a beautiful butterfly to release back into the wild.

There will be a lot of real time "how to" support on our farm's fb page.  We will share your photos of the experience if you allow us.

How to start:

Watch the fb page for announcement of one of our mini training days in early June.

We will show examples of healthy diy raising containers and how to set up your caterpillar food supply.  If simplicity is your thing, I do have popup containers and food for sale at a discount rate for nanny club folks.  But know you CAN do it without cost, without me!

This summer I hope to feature both monarchs and eastern black swallowtails for Nanny experiences.  

Consider doing this as a 2019 family project - it is TREMENDOUS fun and reminds us we all share this beautiful Earth!